General Questions

Can we get a tour of the studio?

Certainly. Just email or give us a call to arrange it. We’ll can schedule a tour anytime that suits you, however, please don’t just drop in without an appointment as a session may be in progress.


Is Attica non-smoking?

Yes. Inside the building is strictly non-smoking. You are very welcome to smoke yourself silly outside though. And we do have a beautiful view!


Can we sleep in the studio overnight during our session?

No. Absolutely not. We have accommodation options available.


Do you offer a mastering service?

While we understand the mastering process, we feel that it is best-suited to recommend mastering specialists for most projects. People who go to work each day and concentrate on mastering records. We have had numerous pleasant experiences with many talented people in this area of work and would be happy to recommend them to anyone interested.

Rates & Bookings

What are your rates?

Please see our Rates & Bookings page for full information on our rates.


Do you have any discount rates?

We do not operate a rate card (i.e. higher rates for labels or wealthy clients) . Our rates are very transparent and we could only consider a reduced rate for an extremely long block booking.


Do you have a special rate for mixing?

No, our normal studio rates apply.


Why don’t you charge by the hour?

Generally most bookings are at least one whole day in the studio. Hourly bookings are available, but as they’re very financially unviable, we have to reserve the right to cancel them in favour of full day sessions at very short notice.


What additional costs should we consider?
  1. Recording media. We have professional quality hard drives available for sale at the studio or you are welcome to bring your own.
  2. Piano tuning if required is charged at cost to the client.

We have no additional costs for use of any of the instruments or equipment at Attica.


Do you require a deposit to book a session?

Yes. We require a 50% deposit on studio time to be paid upon confirmation of any booking. All balances must be paid before the end of the session. No audio will be released until all invoices are fully paid. No exceptions.


Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. We require a minimum of one months notice to cancel a session without any penalty. Cancellations within one month will be liable for the deposit amount. Cancellations within one week of the start of a session will be liable for the full amount of the booking.

Session Length

How long is a session?

Whilst this depends mainly on the client, most sessions are around 10-12 hours long. We generally like when sessions end around 10pm, but you’re free to work whatever hours you like within reason. Longer session lengths than this tend to be extremely unproductive and tiring on all involved.

The following activities are also all considered to be part of a sessions length.

  • Load-in
  • Microphone and equipment setup
  • Lunch/Dinner
  • Transfers between hard drives
  • Burning CD’s/DVD’s
  • Arguments & wrestling


What time of day do sessions start?

Most sessions start at 11am.


Can we show up early?

You can show up at whatever time you’ve agreed with your engineer that your session starts.


Can we come in the night before to set up?

No. Sessions begin at the time you schedule them.


How long will it take to record an album?

You can make a record in 1 day or you can make a record in 3 months. It depends on a massive amount of factors. Generally not a lot of projects are recorded & mixed in less than a day per song minimum but there are always exceptions. We’re always available to talk about scheduling & budgets, just drop us a mail or give us a call.


Can we record our album in 1 day?

If you’re The Replacements, maybe. If you’re not The Replacements, No.


Can I bring my own engineer for my session?

Yes, we welcome all freelance/outside engineers. As the studio is only available for rental with an assistant we’ll do our best to make them feel at home.


Coming Soon


Are you currently accepting interns?

Not at this time. Keep an eye on the front page for any announcements regarding internships.

Working Methods

Can we all play live in the studio?

Yes. We have 2 very spacious recording rooms which were specifically designed for tracking any size of full band live.


What should I bring if I record digitally?

We recommend you have your own Firewire 800 hard drive to back up your session to. This will speed up your backup time. USB 2 hard drives and USB “thumb drive” media will work, but they always take longer to back up.

We recommend backing up your data in at least two locations, so make sure you have either two hard drives, or a hard drive and a computer you can back up to. We have professional quality hard drives available for sale at the studio or you are welcome to bring your own.

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